Meet “Swardo” The Algerian Money Exchange Platform

     With all the mess and ambiguity that rule the exchange market in Algeria, people have always wanted a secure and trusted place to fulfill their growing need of exchange operations (buying/selling). The newly launched exchange platform: Swardo – صواردو is a shared endeavor of three young Algerian entrepreneurs (from Annaba and Souk Ahras). After about a year of hard work, and on mid February 2023 the platform was finally launched.

     Swardo plays a middle man role to ensure the safety of both sides (buyer and seller), after the verification of accounts is done, to eliminate every possibility of fraud.

     Despite still being on Beta Version, the platform has built a reputable customer base, with +300 exchange operations secured, 5 to 25 daily operations, and is constantly working on providing new payment methods, e-wallets and supported banks.

     In exchange for the secure and safe environment that it provides, Swardo charges a symbolic 1$ flat fee on every operation, no matter how big or small the amount being exchanged is.

     Swardo is currently being funded from the founders’ own pocket money (no external fund received), and their current marketing plan is to attract possible customers through paid ads (mainly Facebook ads) and content marketing.

     The Swardo team’s main problem is not funding, as their biggest nightmare is the absence of laws and regulations to organize the exchange market in Algeria.

     Thanks a lot for the Swardo team for their time answering our questions, and good luck with their work!

  More on Swardo:

     Facebook: Swardo – صواردو
     WhatsApp: +213 657 813 401
     Location: Annaba, Algeria


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