Merskin – Leather Products Out Of Recycled Fish Skin

     Merskin is the idea of the young Algerian entrepreneur Abderrahmane Bouchou, who worked on an innovative way to produce environmentally friendly leather out of skin fish.

     Lunching in late June, 2022, Merskin started with a limited collection of wallets made of 100% recycled fish-skin leather (Salmon and Epinephelus marginatus). The idea was to test these products in the Algerian market before moving on to other products like Suits, Bags and Shoes.

     Merskin is running on the founder’s own pocket money and did not receive any kind of funding yet.
Rather then dealing and selling directly to the end-user (B2C), Merskin is planning on going B2B by providing row fish-skin based leather to other companies.

     The company is counting a lot on Influencer Marketing, by featuring their products on local social media accounts, also by constantly appearing in local fashion fairs and expos.

     Thanks a lot for the Merskin team for their time answering our questions. Best of luck!


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