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      It is an app that will take the hiking community by storm! A place where adventurers, hikers and tourists can organize road trips, journeys, communicate, share videos and more!

      RandoLina is an innovative tourism app and a team effort of two founders from two different Algerian Wilayas, Merine Abdulilah from Oran (Idea, management) and Aziez Houssen Eddine from Batna (tech and development).

      The app helps hiking amateurs browse, compare and join organized hiking trips with ease, it also helps the people organizing these trips and journeys to better control and communicate directly with the group members (and keeping count of them, that is the main problem facing the organizers of such trips).

      Randolina comes with built-in “social network” like features, like sharing videos, photos, commenting, direct messaging and more! The Randolina team launched a beta version of the app for testing, in the late September 2021, the app has already won two awards, the first place in the Excellence Cup, Algiers 2021, and the first place for the best tourism project from the World Summit Award – WSA 2022!

      The team behind the Randolina app are currently running the project from their own personal funds, without any external help, and they managed to get the “Innovative Project” label from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Startups .

      In their answer to our question about their business model, the team mentioned that they’re planning on offering two types of memberships, a paid/premium one for travel agencies, hiking clubs and tourism shops, and a free membership for simple users.

      Thanks to the Radnolina team for their answers, making this post possible : )

      Best of luck Radnolina!

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