Meet Marstan The New Algerian Educational App

      The project مارستان – Marstan is a team work of two founding brothers, AYATA El Faidi, a middle school biology teacher, and his brother AYATA Habib Allah, a coder and an app developer. The idea of putting together an educational and entertaining app came up to the brothers about a year ago, after a couple of months working on it, and during the last few months of the previous school year, they managed to launch a beta version of their app, aimed for 3rd year middle school students.

      Now, after a whole year of improvements and proofreading, the MARSTAN team announced that the app is a 100% ready, and it will be available for download on Playstore in the coming few days.

      The name “MARSTAN” is originated from Persian, meaning “Treatment or hospital (where to treat)”, the name was used to express the intent to treat and fix one of the main problems during the learning process: students’ understanding and memorizing, especially with scientific subjects.

      One of the most promising features about this app is that, it follows the latest approaches for academic teaching by the Algerian Ministry of Education, those of interaction and effective learning, and on top of that, it combines these new teaching techniques with the Gamification and Productivity techniques, to help the students receive, understand, grasp and memorize with ease!

      The team announced also that the students are gradually introduced to challenging quizzes, questioning their solid understanding to the subjects in hand.

      The Marstan team are currently operating from Mansoura, Bordj Bou Arreridj, with their own pocket money and no outside help.

      In their answer to our question about their future plans, El Faidi said that he will be working more on content creation, both biology related, and also tutorials about how to make the best use of the app!

      Because of the big work before them, to make this app available for all levels of middle school, and to keep it updated, the app will be premium, with a reasonable annual subscription fee.

      Thanks to El Faidi for his answers, making this post possible : )

      Best of luck MARSTAN!

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