alPay: The New Algerian ePayment Solution

     With all the recent developments and improvements in the Algerian startup world, and that of eCommerce and online services, these companies really needed a solid solution to collect payments online on their websites and apps.

     ALPAY is a newly launched Algerian startup, with a promise of providing fast, easy, secure payments online, empowering websites and apps with a secure payment gateway accepting local CIB Cards (Eldahabia and other local Algerian bank cards).

     Developed, owned and managed by Reda ALOUI, alPay is now an officially registered online financial service provider, working under the Algerian monetary laws and regulations.

     Despite being self-funded and running on a tight budget, ALPAY is counting on a big big launch, providing a secure and stable payment gateway, and also Payment Terminals. Handling all the technical hustle of the process, providing easy-to-install add-ons and copy-paste codes for easy integration.

     The platform offers its merchants a lifetime FREE subscription, charging only a small commission on completed payment transactions (alPay eWallet).

     About the future updates and features, the company is working on some cool features like accepting payments via PayPal accounts in foreign currencies, and providing reward points for its merchants.

     Best of luck alPay!


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