World Class Local Food Trucks By Jemmy Industry

      Jemmy Industry is an Algerian company specialized in producing food trucks, coffee shops, ice cream trucks, fast food and pancakes trucks, both fixed and mobile.

      After being just an idea about four years ago, the company launched two years ago with four founders, with their own capital and without any external fund, and it’s now producing 11 types of trucks.

      Jemmy Industry uses 100% local materials and parts, producing its trucks 100% locally with 100% Algerian hands.
Customers can purchase these tracks directly in full cash from their showroom, or via: ANGEM, Islamic Bank Loan, CALPIREF, CNAC, ANADE.

      The company is currently operating from Algiers, (Showroom: 36 Merzoug Brothers Road, Lot n°1, RDC, Local 01, Mehalma, ALGIERS).

      Thanks for the Jemmy Industry page for their answers and making this post possible : )

      Best of luck Jemmy Industry!

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