AutoPub Celebrates A New Massive Milestone

       Just imagine: placing your ad on a car that’s making a 94,315 km ride! that is driving 2.35 times around earth! With the potential of being seen by 10,000 to 150,000 people a day for 5 months! And that is the case with the campaign: Ayrade!

       Autopub is an Algerian startup founded in the late December 2015, it pays car drivers for just placing given ads on the back glass of their vehicles.

       Last week, this innovative advertising company celebrated one of its campaigns (AYRADE) achieving that milestone (above).

       The company offers three kind of signups:

       ◉ Drivers: people with vehicles.

       ◉ Advertisers: people with products/services to advertise.

       ◉ Print shops: can be affiliated with AutoPub for printing materials.

       Best of luck AutoPub!


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