Is Fridoc Really More Than Just An App

Fridoc is an Algerian directory app, that lists almost all the administrative files, Algerians need in their daily life, what pieces of paper needed, and where to place that file. The app was first launched in the late 2020 with the beta version on PlayStore and Huawei AppGallery covering about 310 administrative files with and integrated search tool both in Arabic and French.

Right after launching, the app has made it to some reputable press entities, after being featured with a long article on the Algerian, French speaking newspaper Eco-Algérie, later it was on the Algérie54, and it even got a TV coverage after if was featured as: “Startup of the Week!” on Canal Algérie interviewing its founder BENDJEBARA Abdelhak.
On top of listing the pieces needed for each file, Fridoc also provide the official forms delivered by that given administration to download with a simple click.

Fridoc will soon be officially launching, with an update covering +400 administrative files, categorized in 17 different categories.

The one thing that the Fridoc team keeps mentioning with every social media update is that: “Fridoc is more than just an app!”, the expression that people fail to explain since the app represents nothing but a “recipe app”, bringing nothing new to the table, since you may need the app once a month on top!

Succeeding in the Startup world is all about providing innovative solutions to people’s daily problems, and making their lives easier through fulfilling their demand with smart and effective solutions, and the one thing that all Algerians seek from the Algerian administration is the digitization of its services and dropping the old paper work.

Best of luck Fridoc!

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