Crowdfunding Is Now Possible In Algeria Thanks to maykiHA

maykiHA, or like what they prefer to call themselves: “Smart Fundraising Community, the place where innovation & technology is born”, is an Algerian 🇩🇿 based initiative, aiming to help end the struggle of Algerian startups with fundraising. maykiHA (legally registered as SARL MAYKIHA in Algeria, and maykiHA LLC in the US) offers Algerian entrepreneurs/idea holders the chance to access thousands of possible investors for a single fee for listing their idea on the platform.

The platform also offers investors access to hundreds of Algerian startups in different phases of growth, well documented with reports, all that for a simple one-time fee.

maykiHA in numbers so far:

+1,000 investors.

+300 projects.

50M DZD (funding goal)

[Source: maykiHA official website]

maykiHA states that the minimum funding capital that a startup can get funded with is: 500k DZD. The company will be present at the startups hub in AIM2022 11th Edition at Dubai EXPO2020. (AIM, Annual Investment Meeting, is an initiative of the UAE Ministry of Economy).

[Everything mentioned in this post was paraphrased from the company’s official website, thus, it’s the property of Algerian Echo © ]


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