Meet Chatla! The First Algerian Online Agri-Market!

     In a country with over two million square kilometers, a large variety of agricultural activities, and with the recent “digitization” movement the country has known, it became really important for people active in the agriculture business to have access to a place where they can browse, compare, discuss and acquire plants, seeds and agriculture equipment with ease! all in one place! And that is the idea of Chatla – شتلة!

     The “Chatla Solutions” project was first a shared idea of BEN DEHMAN El Habib and AINI Adel, who thought of a digital place (web platform with a mobile app), to facilitate the exchange of all types of seeds, plants, fertilizers, agriculture equipment with few clicks, all on one platform.

     With a founding team of four (04) members (MANKOUR Abdessamed, developer and KERROUCH Abdennour, a designer), the team managed to put together a multi-vendor marketplace, where people can create stores, list and exhibit their agri-products and services.

     After successfully creating a working prototype, the team participated and won two local trophies: Indjaz El Djazair (2022) and the World Summit Award – Algeria (2022)!

     The team is currently suffering severe financial difficulties because of the luck of proper fund, the idea is still on pre-launch stage as they’re looking to reach 100 local agricultural cooperatives before launching in the coming few weeks (+40 already joined)!

     This agri-market will be be allowing the creation of stores with both free and premium memberships on their platform. And on their future plans, the team answered that they’re planning on developing Smart Crop-tracking Systems.

     Thanks to the Chatla team for their answers, making this post possible : )

     Best of luck Chatla team!

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