Bounce Inspector – The Email Verification Service by Soformatec

     Bounce Inspector is an Algerian-based, email verification platform that helps email marketers and webmasters clean up their mailing lists, increase delivery rate and avoid spam filters. The platform was first the idea of BEN AISSA Med Reda (founder) and BELKHEIRI Youcef (co-founder) back in September 2020 (legally registered Algerian company), and it was officially launched in Mai 2022.

     The company is owned by Soformatec, an IT Consulting firm operating from Tlemcen, Algeria (132 Logement Boujlida Tlemcen, Algeria). It was until last month (Sep 2022), that “Bounce Inspector” was given the “Startup Label” from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and Startups!

     The company is currently experiencing some serious financial difficulties to keep up with the server coasts, marketing budget and other financial duties, and despite having a couple of paying customers from outside the country, the lack of funds remains a nightmare for the team, that is running on their own pocket money waiting for first investor!

     Another serious issue that’s preventing “Bounce Inspector” from achieving bigger results is the lack of proper Payment Gateways accepting residents from Algeria, and the only payment method currently available on their website is PayPal.

     In addition to “Bounce Inspector“, Soformatec offers a variety of digital solutions to the Algerian market, such as: “Dental Clinic Management System”, “Car Rental Agency Management System”, “Physical Inventory Management System”, and in their answer to our question about their future plans, they answered that they’re working on a complete email marketing platform.

     Thanks to the “Bounce Inspector” team for their answers, making this post possible : )

     Best of luck “Bounce Inspector”!

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