Meet Safir Click the Algerian Affiliate Network

Safir Click is an Algerian affiliate network that enables Algerians to make money online, and work from home, promoting products from famous Algerian online stores and making a commission out of every sale they drive! This business model (Affiliate marketing), helps both, affiliate and product owners increase sales and grow in profit.
Users can sing up to the platform, choose from various products, generate their affiliate/referral link, and then promote it, they get a commission for every sale that comes from that link.

The platform in numbers:

Commission: from 10% up to 25% off every sale!
Products: +4,000 products available.
Verticals: 50 niches.
Growth: +40 products added daily.
Affiliates: +8,000 already singed!
Shipping: 58 Wilayas.

The company pays its affiliate their profit through direct bank deposit (CCP – AlgĂ©rie Poste), or via mail checks. The platform has already helped a ton of freelance marketers and university students make some cash, promoting Algerian products to Algerian buyers.

The platform is planning to launch #Safir_Academy, to help introduce the concept to more users and help others increase their earnings.


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